Singing Piano and Guitar     Lessons for Children   
           Susan Swenson Voice and Piano Instructor

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Click here to see Playlist of children performing songs.
Children can Sing, play Piano, or Guitar better than you ever imagined.  They can learn to do amazing things in a short time and impress others as they develop natural talents and make parents, grandparents, and friends proud as they sing and play show tunes, Classical, Gospel plus many other styles of music. 
Children can learn to Sing, play Piano, or Guitar better than you ever imagined.  

View videos below of children's success.
Music instruction teaches a child to think: solve problems and reason at an early age.
Reading music and playing the piano teaches a child to multitask, memorize patterns, and problem solve. Music lessons develop a child’s abstract reasoning for solving math problems and understanding scientific aspects.  Singing teaches babies to recognize tones that make up a spoken language. College-bound seniors with experience in music scored much higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) verbal and math portions than students with no music knowledge.

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