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Introduce yourself to an extraordinary adventure in the World of Music.  Every lesson will provide a rich mix of practical information combined with the newest skills and techniques.  You will experience meaningful tutorials, DVD Video and Audio formatted to hasten your advancement and challenge your curiosity.
Lessons are filmed to speed progress and remember aspects.  With an hour lesson, you can review your personal DVD instruction at home, and thus gain self confidence and overcome stage fright.  Students can practice with Free Karaoke CDs.

With Susan Swenson's New and easy Music Program you can sing and play piano better than you ever imagined.

You can learn to do amazing things with your voice and keyboard in a short time and impress others as you develop your natural talents.

The Program is simple enough for a beginner from 5 to 75 and sufficiently advanced to sharpen professional singers and pianists skills.

Learn to sing with others
Play the piano for Friends
Stretch your vocal range
Overcome stage fright
Follow difficult Rhythm
Write your own songs
Sight read anything  

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Voice and Piano Instruction
Learn how to sing Open Vow
One-to-one instruction brimming with practical, no-nonsense information immediately shapes into your daily music-making effort.  Free music scores from a huge collection of music from the library.  Free DVD lectures by Susan Swenson with special attention to the tools and components that will make you a musician augment assignments.  Instruction focuses on the system, not only teaching you about music parts, but also how it all fits together. Private individually designed lessons for beginners or advanced musicians of all ages meet personal, creative and technical challenges.
For those who cannot afford private lessons or live out of the Nashville area, you can purchase DVD lessons.
Study of Voice and Piano Enhances Learning and Life's Success

-- An opportunity to influence the quality of life in your community.

-- A program designed to reach the "unconverted", and place active music participation in a secure place in your mind.

-- An awareness procedure to promote the benefits of music study for children, parents, young adults, retirees, and others who have always yearned to play the piano and sing.

-- Join imaginative events and activities designed to focus attention on the value of music. Share musicology with family and friends.

-- An old Chinese proverb states that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today!
Interpret and Arrange a song as you play the piano
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Lesson procedure
Choice of Music
8 year old Holly's first voice lesson.
BE A ONE PERSON                  BAND
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