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    Susan Swenson      Brentwood, Franklin Nashville, TN
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Stand old music definitions on their heads and learn to express yourself in exciting new ways.  More than ever before, you have more musical opportunities, more options for self-fulfillment and self-satisfaction.  This is about breaking free and exploring new adventures.  Music has advanced more in the last ten years than the previous seven hundred years.

Music is not a process; it is an attitude.  Live a full vibrant, musical life.  Sing and play the piano with all your spiritual being.  Come join the celebration.  You will welcome "straight from-the-hip" advice from Susan Swenson, a person who has been there and back.

Are you landing or taking off?  When you can make a positive difference in your life, you feel good about yourself.  Make Music a positive, experience!  This program is an extraordinary method, perceptive discussion, and direction about challenging, complex issues.  It is not convoluted and flat boring like most music courses.  You will understand the whole, much faster and effective.  Individually designed lessons for beginners or advanced musicians, ages 4 to 84, are personal, creative, and technical challenges.  Instruction focuses on the system, not only music parts, but how it all fits together.

Each Lesson provides a rich mix of practical information combined with the newest skill and techniques.  You will experience in-depth lessons formatted to hasten your advancement, challenge curiosity, and acknowledge your progress and achievements.  Watching oneself in a TV monitor as the lesson progresses helps a student to overcome stage fright, gain confidence, and self-awareness. The finest instruments, a six-foot plus Baldwin Grand piano, acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, and high-tech audio and recording equipment are in the studio to accommodate student lessons.

Piano, singing, and guitar instruction for all age levels is unique, structured to develop each personal style.  An Academic process applies to all types of music.  Students master harmony and technical aspects while playing and singing music of their choice.  A person can learn to read, hear notes and chords, and ultimately play, sing, compose, or interpret music in their own way.  In order to achieve a level of concentration required to learn music skills, lessons are one-to-one.  There is no childcare facility at the studio for student siblings not taking lessons. 

30 minutes = $40, 45 = $55, and 60= $75.

The special rate will stay in effect as long as you consecutively enroll.  If you drop out and reschedule later, you pay the current rate.  Students who prefer to pay by check receive a statement before the first of the month.  Those who choose to pay by credit card receive a statement with the receipt enclosed after the first of the month.  The whole month payment is due the first of the month, before the first lesson.  You have come to the right place to stay on top of exciting new music technology.  You will be proud of your achievements.

A voice student does not need to develop keyboard dexterity.  However, an electronic keyboard will help you to master pitch location, harmonic intervals, and sight singing.

Over a period, a student acquires assignment, method, theory, exercise books, and sheet music. Special lessons are available for auditions, problems, or performance critique.

One can enjoy success by attending lessons on a regular basis and committing to practice.  A musician may take liberties according to artistic discrimination when he or she masters technical abilities.  Musicianship is not difficult if learned one-step at a time with regular, reinforced, motivated intervals.  

The best way to become a musician is to "be a musician".  The key to success is experience, knowledge, and imagination.  LUCK is being prepared, in the right place, at the right time, on purpose.  If at first you do not reach your desired goal, be patient, do not become discouraged.  You are entering an adventure that has been around for over one thousand years.  With each project, your ability and confidence will improve.  Create an image of the music you want to live, and that picture will become a fact. 

The mind of a beginner is an open channel for genius.  The "open minded" novice can look at a situation with fresh eyes and get down to the essentials with confidence.  The art of teaching is to open the mind, to guide, and provide the opportunity while a student teaches him or her-self.  Galileo said, "You cannot teach a man anything.  You can only help him find it within himself."


1) Review and critique of previous lesson

2) New Theory assignment

3) New technical skills

4) New Song – if the latest song is accomplished

5) Online lessons to replace bad weather days or travel distance.

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Vowel Lesson One
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Every lesson is produced with the knowledge that each person is unique and has singular interests, goals, and talents.  Inspirational programs are designed to help everyone achieve their full potential.

Vocal exercise One
Lulu's Piano Lesson
Piano Instruction

Make music a new positive experience.
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