Tuition and Lesson Information


30 minute piano, guitar, or ukulele lesson  $30

45 minute voice, piano, guitar or ukulele $45

One Hour voice, piano, guitar, ukule or a combination $60 

Instruction materials are available to purchase at the studio.  Over a period, a student acquires assignment, method, theory, exercise books, and sheet music.  Backup practice CDs, Susan Swenson's DVD sold on this site, and music scores from the AAM library are FREE to enrolledstudio students. A six-foot plus Baldwin grand piano, plus professional high tech, audio and video recording equipment are available.

Instruction for all age levels is unique, structured to develop each personal style.  An Academic process applies to all types of music.  Students can master harmony and technical aspects while playing and singing music of their choice.  A person can learn to read music, hear note pitch, identify chord combinations, and ultimately play, sing, compose, or interpret music in their own way.

Events include family and friends, a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and enjoy music.  Music provides many hours of fulfilling enjoyment shared with loved ones, friends, or solitary delight.

You have come to the right place to stay on top of exciting new music technology.  You will be proud of your achievements.

Singing, Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele Instruction                Susan Swenson
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