Aptos Academy of Music
Sight Read and Play Music You Enjoy


Bare Bones:  Find 12 major and minor chords, arpeggios, jazz applications (includes keyboard chart and chord book).

Easy Play Interpretation:  Add a variety of bass chord combinations to your choice of hundreds of music selections from Easy Play melody books in all styles from Rock to Classical.

Timing, Rhythm and Various Styles


Analyze music composition and simplify learning process
I   IV  V major and  ii  iii vi minor chord resolution patterns.

Sight Read
Recognizing Treble melody and Bass Chord notation patterns

Twelve major scales
Circle of 4th and 5ths
Simple method to learn a complex idea.

Minor, blues, whole tone & pentatonic scale applications
Add creative "licks" to interpretations


Complex & Difficult Classical Selections

Composition and Arranging

Performance Tactics

Playing with a band or orchestra
Recording your work

Be a one person band, the highlight at parties, and best of all "never broke".
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Susan Swenson
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Experience how you can learn to Play the Piano.  Watch the videos below.
Susan Plays Boogie interpretation from
a big note book
Susan shows how to add bass applications
Susan explainsTiming patterns with the Metronome
Diane plays her arrangement of Save Save including passages from Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 4
Lu Lu Plays and Sings
  "If I Were a Movie"
First Movement
John plays three parts of Liszt's "Dante's Inferno
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Second Movement
Beautiful Example of Piano Touch and Hand Positions
Third Movement
Susan Demonstrates the same piece at a quarter note per click with various tempo markings.
Key board and Music selections you can purchase. Click here for more referred suggestions.
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