SPECIAL Spring Discount


Lessons include FREE sheet music from AAM library, CD or DVD recordings of lesson procedure, plus Susan Swenson Instruction DVDs.  You can design each lesson by selecting from options 1-7 that are available for your lesson price.  Student tuition remains the same low special rate as long as your are consecutively enrolled.

Tuition Price:

30 minutes = $30       45 = $45      60= $60.

1) New skill
              Clear tone, breath support, vowels, resonance, projection, etc.
     Chord construction, music reading, chord application, music comprehension, 
              Technics, interpretation, and much more.

2) New song
  Voice and Piano
     FREE Matching sheet music and karaoke CD backup with voice practice and backup 
             from the AAM library.  Thousands of selections and styles available
             CD and Music provided free
3) Theory assignment with CD for tone recognition
Written notation – workbook, homework, lesson notebook
Sight reading – during lesson
Pitch identifications – homework and lesson
4)  Song critique
Previous assignment help
      DVD of Lesson Highlights
You can Review and critique your performance in the privacy of your home
Teacher and student review lesson video together
5) Exercise assignment
Develop dexterity, strength and muscle memory
Individual DVD to add new challenges as you progress

6) Take home a Free Susan Swenson lecture DVD 

Preview skills related to your lesson assignment
Save lesson time
You can go over new skills until you completely understand the concept

7) Record a CD or DVD of your performance (requires 60 minutes = 4 choices)
Distribute professionally
Give to friends and loved ones


30 Minute Lesson

First Week

1) New Song or New Skill       
2) Theory assignment         
                                                 Or pick two items from 1-6 selections

Second Week

1) Song critique
2) Correct Theory assignment

45 Minute Lesson
First Week 

1) New Song
2) New Skill     
3) Theory assignment          Or Pick three items from selection of 1-6 choices

Second Week

1) Song critique
2) Perfect new skill
3) Correct Theory
4) Free lesson DVD when time permits 

60 minute Lesson
First Week

1) New Song
2) New Skill
3) Theory assignment
4) Vocal and/or piano exercises     Or pick items from all 1-7 choices

Second Week

1) Critique song
2) Perfect new skill
3) Correct Theory
4) Free DVD recording of lesson to review at home

Special session to video record a performance for YouTube

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