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Learn how to Sing, play piano, and guitar better than you ever imagined. Learn how to do amazing things with your voice and keyboard in a short time.  Impress others as you develop natural talents.  Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors can learn to sing and play piano in Pop, Rock, Show Tunes, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, or Gospel styles.  Explore Free video music lessons below.

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Need the answer to a specific vocal question? How to sing high notes? Sight read? Find pitch? Curious about piano styles, technics, theory? Compose your own music, score it, sell it? 

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Susan Swenson
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Jam packed Piano and Singing instruction 
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You can be on youtube, in school plays, pageants, win talent shows and competitions, or just enjoy the wonderful joy of music magic.
Susan Swenson
Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin TN
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Learn How to develop a clear singing tone, vocal breath support, sing vowels and consonants correctly, resonate, and project.
Learn singing and keyboard skills first hand.  Susan Swenson can watch you sing or play piano, evaluate your abilities, and recommend specific songs and skills.  With live face-to-face interaction you can ask explicit questions and receive answers right away.  You can learn how to Begin the magic world of music adventures
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You can access over 60 file drawers of music in the studio library.  Hours are Monday through Friday 1:00pm to 9:00pm.  Susan Swenson demonstrates how to improve your singing and speaking voice. Use vocal power to impress others and establish a confident image. Discover vocal anatomy. Never fear vocal damage again. Avoid thin, reedy, breathy tones. Know how the vocal instrument works. Dismiss old myths and find out how to open the vocal path and create a radiant, stunning voice.

Susan explains how to develop breath support, execute difficult vocal techniques, sustain notes, understand breathing anatomy, sense diaphragm movement, control note attack and release, manage air pressure and be in command of pitch. Not only does this knowledge benefit singing or speaking, but it can be applied to sports or general health practice.
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Experience how you can learn to Play the Piano.  Watch videos and free piano lessons.
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At the Music Studio
 You can browse the studio music store for music books to purchase or add free sheet music from the huge Studio Library to lesson assignments.  Studio Students can browse the store and pick up a music selection at their lesson.  Online FaceTime and Google Duo students who are out of the Nashville area can upload music from the free studio library or purchase music from Amazon to augment their lesson assignments.  

Dan Crass of Steinway & Sons
 is pleased to recognize 
Susan Swenson
 2016 & 2020 Top Nashville Area Music Teacher 
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